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Pittsburgh Bathroom Demolition: What To Consider When Deciding If You Should Demo Your Bathroom

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Are you no longer satisfied with your bathroom? If you are looking to remodel your bathroom in the future, you may want to hire a professional demo company. Tearing down an outdated bathroom is a heavy project to take on yourself. Many things can go wrong without the expertise to demo correctly and safely.

So what is there to consider before demoing your old bathroom?

Safety First

The number one priority during any small structure demo project is the safety of yourself and everyone around you. Unfortunately, a common outcome of DYI bathroom demo's can end in injuries from cuts to bruises and hospitalization. Ensure the safety and well being of all parties before whipping out a sawzall without the proper training.

Where's The Pipe

If your profession is not a plumber you may want to reconsider demoing this bathroom before you bust a pipe. Professional demolition companies are specialized and certified in identifying the positioning of pipes in your bathroom. Without careful monitoring of water and sewage pipes, a DIY project individual can very easily punch a hole through a pipe or hose with their not so trusty hammer. The last thing you need is a bill from your local plumber to fix your mess.

Proper Equipment

When gutting your old bathroom you are going to need the proper equipment. Such as a sawzall, hammer, sledgehammer, electric drill, pry bar, shop vac, and much more. If you are not a tool guy or gal these rental purchases can add up to a high dollar amount. In addition, in a do it yourself demo project, if you have never used these tools before and this is your first time, be prepared to watch hours of "how to" videos on YouTube.

No Headache

From safety hazards, bursting pipes, and equipment trouble this can be a daunting task and result in a major migraine. If you are the kind of person like many of us, long work hours, kids, etc, you may want to consider hiring a professional demo company for help. Many local cities such as Pittsburgh have countless small structure demo companies eager to help you in a safe and swift manner during your bathroom demolition.

If you are interested in browsing local Pittsburgh small structure demo companies. Consider your very well known, Triple P Disposal. Triple P offers small structure demo services for sheds, trailers, garages, bathrooms, kitchens, and more.

We take on all residential and commercial demolition projects in the Pittsburgh area including Allegheny, Armstrong, Butler and Westmoreland County. For more information visit "demolition services". For a free estimate call Owner of Triple P Disposal, Joe Cene at 724-900-4849.

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