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Rent a Dumpster or Go With Junk Removal?

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Whether you're moving into a new home, selling your current home, considering a remodel, or just plain tired of all the clutter in your home, you're probably in need of some way to get rid of the trash, then rent a dumpster for junk removal.

There are two main methods of disposing of large amounts of waste: renting a dumpster or calling in a junk removal service. What's the difference?

Junk removal service is very hands-off and allows you to simply point to the items you no longer want, while the movers do the legwork of making it disappear. The price can vary depending on how much needs removed from your home, and how far it must be carried. It's less work for you, but keep in mind that you'll need to set an appointment for the removal of any items.

  • A dumpster rental requires more elbow grease but can be more flexible. Typically a junk removal dumpster rental Pittsburgh is delivered and dropped by someone on the perimeter of your home at a fixed cost (make sure you have space for it). You'll be the one tossing those old belongings into the dumpster, but you'll generally have more time, and you won't need to be around for pickup.

Junk Removal Pros & Cons

Junk removal people are willing to do what you don't want to – like getting that broken piano out from the second-story bedroom, or that freezer from the basement. Keep in mind that you might pay extra for how much of a "pain" the cleanup becomes. This is why junk removal dumpster rental have a variable rate, sometimes it's easy and sometimes not so much.

Dumpster Rental Pros & Cons

Junk removal dumpster rental Pittsburgh are generally rented for a week or longer, so they’re best for projects you predict will last longer than a week or so. You can take your time filling the dumpster as you go, and the larger rental window also allows room for projects that take longer than originally expected as you are in charge of the pickup day.

Location, Location

It rings true for so many things, but ultimately your location will be a huge variable on which of these services you want to use. Is there a spot for a dumpster? Do you live in a house or an apartment? How's parking on your street? It's best to call your local junk removal dumpster rental and ask them.

If you're looking for a dumpster rental or junk removal in the Pittsburgh or Butler, PA areas please contact us for a quote today!

Whether it's full-service rubbish removal or a MINI dumpster rental, we thinks that clients should be charged according to the amount of trash they have. When you hire us to remove your rubbish, you pay for the amount of space it takes up in our vehicles. Why should dumpster rental be priced any differently? junk king dumpster rental pricing is the first dumpster rental company to charge by the amount of space you utilize. For partial loads, the other males want you to pay full price. Our MINI dumpster has a capacity of 12 cubic yards, making it ideal for a variety of clean-out and rubbish removal operations. However, there are situations when it is larger than you require. For both little and large tasks, we can provide you with a leased dumpster.

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1 Comment

Nov 03, 2021

I rented a car junk removal company, they took not only the car but also the other junk also from my home.

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