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Got Junk? Start Your Household Spring Cleanup Early!

It is finally time for some spring cleaning! With all the junk in your home or on your property you need to figure out a way to get rid of it though right? You have come to the right place, friend. Triple P Disposal offers a dumpster rental service for spring cleanup to help you get rid of all your trash before the start to a great summer. Read to find out more about Triple P and our dumpster rental services.

Unfortunately, some trash cannot be normally disposed of on trash night. An incentive with Triple P Disposal is you can dispose of many large objects that you are not allowed to leave for the normal trash collection company. However, Triple P Disposal is capable of removing many large and uncommon objects such as....

What can we take off your hands?

  • Trash

  • Furniture

  • Mattresses

  • Boxes

  • Small and large appliances

  • Clothing

  • Yard waste

  • Tools

  • Air Conditioners

  • Construction debris

  • Hot tubs

  • Couches

  • Book cases

  • Entertainment centers

  • Box springs

  • Tables

  • Chairs

  • and other miscellaneous items

Spring is here and your junk is still too! Throw out your no longer needed belongings during the spring cleaning season.

So Why Triple P Disposal?

Tripe P is a family owned and operated waste removal and dumpster rental company. Largely, servicing the Greater Pittsburgh areas including Allegheny County, Armstrong County, Butler County, and Westmoreland County.

Triple P exceeds at top notch customer service. With over 230 five star Google reviews, Triple P Disposal stands out from the crowd in the industry. There is no need to worry about cancellations or delays when under their wing.

Scheduling with Triple P is Quick and Easy

First, call owner Joe Cene and he will book an appointment to drop off a dumpster as early as next day. Next, drop-off day, Triple P Disposal arrives at your property and drops off a dumpster for your personal use. Then on pick up day, Triple P disposal returns to pick up a dumpster full of perishable items. Lastly, Triple P Disposal drops off waste products at local landfill safely and legally.

So what are you waiting for? Spring is here! Book your dumpster rental with Triple P Disposal today for a spring cleanup. Just call 724-900-4849 and ask for Joe!

For more information about our dumpster rental services visit...

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