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Dumpster Rental vs. Junk Removal: What's Better For You?

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Are you not sure whether you want to rent a roll off dumpster yourself or book a junk removal service? Read more of this article to help you make your decision!

Roll off Dumpster Rental

You may be wondering what exactly is a roll off dumpster rental? A roll off dumpster is an open-top waste container used for residential and commercial projects, such as home renovations, clean-outs, roofing projects, construction jobs and demolitions. A designed roll off truck is used to deliver and pick up the dumpster.

When you order a roll off dumpster from Triple P Disposal, we drop off the dumpster exactly where requested. From there, you are responsible for filling up the dumpster with your waste materials. At Triple P, we offer a 7 day rental. Lastly, we return to pick up the dumpster to take all your waste away for you to a registered landfill and safely dispose of all materials.

When considering renting a roll off dumpster, keep in mind we drop it off, pick it up, and dispose of your waste.

Junk Removal Service

Likewise, how is Triple P's junk removal service? Unlike the roll off dumpster rental, with our junk removal service, we clean out the junk and waste for you. Our junk removal service pertains to arriving with our dumpster, manually removing all junk from your home, backyard, shed, garage, etc. Filling up the dumpster with all your junk and then removing such materials at a local landfill safely. If your not into doing the manual labor, then the junk removal service is definetly up your alley!

So what's better for you? Would you like to rent a dumpster for 7 days and fill it up on your own time? If not, would you rather book a junk removal service clean out? So, you don't have to lift a finger!

Why Triple P Disposal?

Triple P Disposal is a highly reputable 5 star waste removal company in the entire Pittsburgh area! Here at Triple P our number one priority is you and our outstanding customer service. We take great pride in providing our excellent service to our customers. Call us old school, but we take the time to make sure every job is a success story for the history books!

Interested in scheduling a dumpster rental or junk removal service with us? Easily just call Triple P Disposal and talk directly to the owner Joe Cene. He will get you booked faster than you can blink! 724-900-4849.

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David Hayes
David Hayes
17 de abr. de 2023

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